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In 1828 Marten REENDERS (farmer, 1769-1832) lived in this house. His wife Aukje Egberts died in 1825.

On the side of the house is special stone which was used as a reference point for measuring height in the area. Text:

2 EL 50 dm boven W.P.
3 EL 31 dm boven A.P.

For a long time the stone was hidden by ivy. Only recently it was re-discovered.

W.P. = Winschoter Peil; A.P. = Amsterdams Peil

Grand Haven, MI, USA
Clarence (1902 - 1980) and Arthur Reenders (1903 - 1993) in 1913.

(photo contributed by Valerie Loftis Reenders)

(photo contributed by Valerie Loftis Reenders)

Klaus Reenders
(1877 - 1962) and
Minnie (van Doorne) Reenders
(1877 - 1938).
Parents of Clarence and Arthur.




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