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The family of Geert Gozens Kruizenga (1861-1935) and Aulina Catharina Meijer (1861-1931). The girl is Henderika Egberdina (1889-1969) and the boy is Gooitzen (1891-1984).
Photo probably about 1898 (married for ten years).

Geert Gozens Kruizenga
(1861 - 1935, schipper). Standing next to the house of his daughter Henderika Egberdina in Ulrum. In 1935 Geert died in this house. Photo probably between 1931 and 1935.

Geert Gozens Kruizenga
(1861 - 1935) on his ship Aulina. With this ship he had a "beurtvaart" (transport service) between Leens and Groningen. The ship was named after his wife. (Geert is standing in the middle of the photo showing a piece of white shirt)




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